walking the body of the earth

Donna Carpenter


VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Thanks for visiting. Here’s a bit of background:

I am an American artist and digital nomad who travels to ancient sites, sea wilderness, and old growth forests on both sides of the Atlantic.

I work with landscape and digital media in the form of black and white landscape photographs, documenting the life of the land, capturing the physical contours of the places I visit, the plant and animal life, the consequences of weather, and the strong presence of natural elements. Human history and folklore weave their way into my photographs, as does evidence of human habitation. Those things are sometimes a hidden undercurrent in the surroundings, and sometimes they are writ quite large in a place.

I like best to investigate remote places, exploring on foot, and have come to the conclusion that the harder I have to work to get to a place, the more likely that place is to reveal something wondrous to my eye and heart. Recent travels have taken me from my native New England to the Highlands, Islands, and stone-built cities of Scotland, which is the home of my ancestors and a place I am mysteriously drawn to. I have been using this site to document this journey as a solo traveler in my ancient homeland.

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